Management Training - Olive Garden Careers

Grow With Us!

Being an Olive Garden Manager is a great opportunity to expand your management skill set and grow your leadership potential. We offer an extensive amount of training for our managers, with programs that are widely regarded as the best in the industry.

  1. Manager-in-Training (MIT) Program

    As a Manager-in-Training, you’ll participate in an extensive, thirteen-week training program. During the first phase of the program you’ll receive an eight-week concentrated overview of each employee and manager position. In the second phase you will travel to the Darden Training Center in Orlando, Florida for six days of additional specialized training. When you return from Orlando, you will begin the final phase of focused training as a Culinary, Sales or Service Manager. You will be assigned a coaching manager that will act as a mentor for the remaining three weeks of your training. During this period you will experience, hands-on, day-to-day operations in managing the department that you will be responsible for leading upon graduating from the MIT program.

    Manager Skill Sessions

    Based on Olive Garden principles, everyone should expect on-going training opportunities to sharpen and advance their skills. At Olive Garden, we provide regularly scheduled skill sessions throughout the year for our Culinary, Sales and Service Managers, as well as our General Managers.

    Leadership Assessment and Development Center

    At Olive Garden, managers set their own pace for promotion, based on their skills and preparation. Before promotion to General Manager, our managers are invited to participate in a two-day program that gives them an opportunity to showcase their talents. Our goal is to help you become successful as a manager and as a General Manager.